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Why need whole house rewiring?

  • If you stay in a HDB house about 10-15 years and above, and you not decide to move house, you may think of rewiring the entire electrical wiring for safety and another longer stay.

  • If you getting a resale HDB house, is better to do rewiring, because at least you may stay 5-10 years, before you decide to change house.

  • Especially old house, to upgrade to a peace of mind, for yourself and your beloved family members, whole house rewiring is needed.

Can i just change switches outlet without doing the wiring?

You can just change switches outlet without changing the wiring, but if you found that the switches outlet look very old or yellowish, confirm the house wiring minimum reached 7 years and above.  Then is better to do rewiring for a longer stay, no point to pay out money to change the switches outlet.  Rewiring work will include new switches outlet for you without any top up.

Can i keep the existing cornices and do rewiring?

  • Cornices is to cover the wiring, if not to dismantle the cornices, the wiring run below the cornices is very urgly and not practical.

  • Cornices never remove will block the wire from wall to the ceiling lighting.  Also from one room to another room.

  • Remove the cornices is the best choice, rewiring will help to tidy up the wiring and look nice.  If have no budget, no cornices in the house also look neat and beautiful.

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